Henry Ford wäre heute 150 Jahre alt geworden :-) Happy Birthday!

von Kowalski | am 30 Jul 2013

1932: A new V-8 engine now powered Ford automobiles lighter, less expensive, and more powerful than competing V-8s. Wildly popular, it is the last product innovation in which Henry Ford plays a direct role.

Remembering Henry Ford on the 150th Anniversary of His Birth

By Sherrice Gilsbach

North America

DEARBORN – Born July 30, 1863, Henry Ford spent the majority of his 83 years thinking, creating and improving. In many ways he was the epitome of the global brand promise we use today, tirelessly pushing for progress on many fronts every day that he was able.

The Ford historical archive is home to hundreds of photos the company’s founder. Each image provides a sense of what Henry Ford, a man with a larger than life reputation, was really like.

Of course there are images of him working – both in shops and on farms, demonstrating products and testing the latest and greatest to emerge from the research and development labs.

A chronology of his manufacturing accomplishments also can be seen in these pictures. From the early days of the Quadricycle, the Ford 999 and the Model A on through to the Model T, Fordson tractor and the B-24 Liberator Bomber plane used in WWII, it’s impressive how many machines Henry Ford had a hand in producing.

Just as prevalent as the work-related shots are pictures of Henry Ford seemingly having a good time, taking in fresh air on camping trips and dancing or chatting up community members during one of his many legendary birthday celebrations.

Thomas Edison and Charles Lindbergh appear frequently with Henry Ford in the photos, but pictures with children, a set of the population Henry Ford held in high esteem, are just as common.  Despite his celebrated status and infinite list of accomplishments, Henry Ford always had time to listen to the cares and opinions of the youngest among us.

Dutiful activity is a theme throughout the photo collection. It is apparent some action was paused in order to capture just about every image. Even in photos featuring the founder of Ford Motor Company relaxing there is an undeniable look of sharp concentration that remains present across his face.

From making a case for modern transportation to nearly single-handedly creating the middle class, the life of Henry Ford had a universal impact that is still strongly felt today, especially wherever the iconic Blue Oval is on display.

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