Rückrufaktion – US-Modell des Mustang 2018

von Kowalski | am 21 Dez 2017

Ford hat gestern einen Rückruf für den aktuellen Mustang 2018 eingestellt. Für uns hier, wartend auf das 2018er EU-Modell (wahrscheinlich ab März 2018 lieferbar) ist der Rückruf nur interessant wenn wir selbst oder über Importeure schon jetzt ein US-Modell importieren wollen. Lasst uns hoffen der EU-Mustang bleibt von Rückrufen verschont.

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 20, 2017 – Ford Motor Company is issuing one safety recall and one safety compliance recall in North America. Details are as follows:

2018 Ford Mustang vehicles with automatic transmission to update instrument cluster software

  • Ford is issuing a safety compliance recall in North America for approximately 2,167 2018 Ford Mustang vehicles with an automatic transmission premium (12.4”) instrument cluster for an illumination issue.
  • In the affected vehicles, if an operator turns off the vehicle with the transmission in a position other than park, the instrument cluster may not illuminate the PRNDL display and the operator may not receive the key-in-the-ignition warning chime when the driver’s door is opened, increasing the likelihood of a vehicle rollaway.
  • Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.
  • Affected vehicles include 2018 Ford Mustang vehicles built at Flat Rock Assembly Plant, March 14, 2017 to Nov. 26, 2017.
  • The recall involves approximately 2,167 vehicles in North America with 2,100 in the U.S. and federalized territories and 67 in Canada. The Ford reference number for this recall is 17C21.
  • Dealers will update the instrument cluster software at no cost to the customer.

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